Sunday, March 21, 2010


March 2010. Have challenged my sons (twins) to excel in their exams. To help churn up their adrelanin to study, I had to tease them with a trip down under to Australia. The plan is simple -- for Dennis, get a placing of first twenty in the form and for Daniel, get a placing of top ten in the class.

Sometimes, its better than punishment. Less stressful on the parents.

As for the girls, its time to decide on Juliana's school. In the end after much soul searching and advices from her teachers and my wife, I decided to let her compete with the best rather than send her to a less hectic school. Better a 20th position in class than be first in class in a less stressful school. Mixing with the focused and driven classmates set better example than the other way.

Makes me think back forty years ago...

Then if anyone asked, I had to say I stayed in a house in Chateau Garden as that was the address for getting me enrolled into St Michael's Institution, a premier school in Ipoh. My father then thought it would be better for the children to be schooled in the better school as it would be more beneficial to us. Guess I'm of the same thought as my father.

No matter its forty year on but the idea still remains valid. Time does not change a good idea after all. Time stands still here!!!!.

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